Tips for Hair Transplantation in Pakistan

The first thing to consider is the expectations that a person has from the transplant. Often these can be greater than what would possible and the surgeon needs to make the person understand that. The planning should not base on wishful thinking. Its need to be done in a practical manner and should not base on wishful thinking

-Before the surgery you will be advised to follow some instructions, including top smoking at least 24 hours before the treatment,no alcohol intake one week before surgery,takehair loss treatment in pakistan like Monoxide and massage your scalp 10min a day two weeks before treatment,stop taking dietary supplements, NSAIDs, blood thinning medicines and haircut should not be done before surgery.


- The first thing is the hairline that appears on the scalp. It should be done in a planned manner that should be natural and goes with the rest of the hair. Generally hairlines have a density ranging from 45 FU/CM2 to 75 FU/CM2. The surgeon can best guide you as to what density of the hairline will suit you

- The overall density of hair will depend on a number of factors. The most important factors are the appearance and the capacity of the donor areas. It is ensured that hair does not look fake. Often the surgeons prefer to give a slight thinned look. The capacity of the donor areas is also limited and it has to be ensured the planning is done in a manner that grafts at hand can be utilized properly.


- Future hair loss also should be kept in mind. If a person is expected to lose hair more , an allowance for future transplant must be kept. This will have an impact on all aspects of the hair transplant, including the overall density, hairline density and even which procedure may be brought to use for the transplant.

- There are a number of options available forFue hair transplant in Pakistan Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT) and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) are generally the preferred methods. FUT which is also known as the strip method takes a strip of scalp in order to get follicles for hair transplant. In FUE, individual follicles are extracted with the help of a pneumatic punch and have greater accuracy. Both methods allow in a single session, varying number of grafts. Picking the right method is necessary to achieve the desired result.

-After the procedure you will achieve fullness look for your hairs, some redness may develop to the area of treatment but it lasts for few days