How to improve memory near exams

When the exams come near every kid to become worried about the papers because they have to memorize lots of questions which is almost impossible for anyone to keep a complete book exactly in the mind and write the same sentences which are in the book in the exam. Students start cramming question and they forget in the paper. It is the most common thing that happens with everyone during the examination. Even, some of us become confused due to the pressure of exam and forget everything whatever has in the mind.

You must have patience and intelligence for remembering thing while exams. Here are a few techniques that you can use for remembering thing while exams and it would improve memory and allow you to remember things for a long time.

Most of the students do a very big mistake and they start their study before the exams. It is impossible to remember company book in just one day and night. You must study before few days of the exam and prefer to complete the study before 2 days of the exam and then just revise before few hours of the exam.

Do not take the pressure

Most of the students take a lot of pressure of the exam due to which they forget everything when they see the paper. If you want to ignore such things, then you should not take the pressure and be relaxed. When you see the paper, do not hesitate and read it out completely before thinking anything.


Use juices and dry fruit

Before the exams, you should drink fresh fruit juices because fruits contain nutrition and vitamins that make your brain stronger and improve memory. For eidetic memory, you should use dry fruits and other supplements of dry fruits that help in the growth of the brain and further improve memory.

Play memory improvement games

If you have enough gaps between the exams, then you should play memory improvement games that are available online. These games would warm up your brain and allow you to memorize things for a long time. It is the common phenomena that we could only remember things in which we take an interest. Therefore, you should create interest in the topics of the exams and memorize them with some pictures imagination. It would help you to remember things easily and you would get through in exams.


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