List Of Jakarta Indonesia Points of Interest In Order To Not Get Lost

Talking about the capital of Indonesia, Jakarta; how many of you do not know about this place? Well, probably some of you only know or recognize the place as one of the world’s most traffic congested cities. Seriously, you read it right. The city is only behind Los Angeles of the United States and Bangkok of Thailand for this, placing it on the third position. But, perhaps that’s as far as outsiders know about this place, since it would be the capital’s citizen of at least, tourists who have ever been there that can tell what kind of place the Jakarta is. This place is not totally described as hell or even far from it and that is why we are here. We are going to tell you the different side of this capital or precisely, the Jakarta Indonesia points of interest; so, that you will not lost if later you are visiting this place. So, here are the things you must do and see in Jakarta.

First, what we have to note is the Jakarta’s population stands as the largest city in Southeast Asia, over 10 million people are estimated to live in this metro area. So, do not just think that this city only lives as the central government or center of business and economic wheel. Peope all can just die without the presence of excitement, the Jakarta Indonesia points of interest tourist and that explains the existence of the most of tourist attractions and hangout sites in Jakarta. In this capital, you can enjoy the bars with beautiful views, stay or experience the luxurious hotels, have a historical trip, and many more. We will list some of them and all you need to do are just sit back and learn! Upon arriving in Jakarta, you might want to stay in a place that won’t dissappoint you, so try the most sophisticated of five star hotel, instead trying to save your budget to live in a mid or low class hotel. That won’t help much in give you some refreshment, especially after you are involved in the hustle and bustle of the city life. High rank hotel with all of the provided facilities and amenities will be the oasis in the middle of hellish environment.

Next, you have to try every of its attraction, say you can visit the places like Taman Mini Indonesia Indah to learn everything about Indonesian culture. When you still have much energy left, why don’t you try to go to the Ancol Beach. Yes, it is a beach in the center of the very busy capital – emphasizing how valuable the Jakarta Indonesia points of interest rates are – and the best thing to hear that this place is in one area with the Dufan Amusement Park. Call your teen spirit and give all the rides there a shot! When you are done, try and enjoy the city’s nightlife and find out by yourself the charm of the city that never sleeps. Make sure you grasp the Jakarta map in order not to miss all the excitement.