Tips for improving brain memory

It is a common problem with everyone that we miss many things and forget when need to recall. There are several reasons due to which we forget things often and later memorize it. Weak memory is a common problem of most of the children and adult. The kids do not become able to memorize the assignments of the class and often that got punishment from the teacher. It does not mean that kids do not want to do the assignment, it happens because they have weak memory due to which they forget things early and even become unable to recall it when needed.

There are a few tips that can help you to memorize the thing.

1. Always listen with concentration the person who is talking with you. If you listen with concentration and interest then you would become able to keep that particular thing in our mind.

2. Make a diary or notepad, if you are in office, school, and college for writing the task in it. The diary would make you able to keep all the stuff in it and you can do your task accordingly.

3. Almond is one of the common dry fruits that you should eat because it contains the nutrition and protein that gives the power of your brain and improve memory.

4. Yoga and meditation are very helpful for relaxing your mind. Most of the things we forget because the brain is not relaxed and we are in stress or depression. It is very important for sharp memory to reduce stress from the brain because stress gradually makes your brain weak and you become able to remember things for a long time.


5. There are many memory improvement games available that you should play because mind games increase your thinking power and an ability to remember things. Even, many countries’ armies and air force give the training to solider for memorizing the things by playing the mind games. Puzzle games are very common, in which you have to remember things and find clew for solving the puzzle.

6. You should eat nutritious that contains the protein and vitamins that would improve your brain. Even, the health specialist doctors recommend eating fruits and supplements that would make your brain stronger and sharper.

These are the things that you should consider if you want to make the brain stronger and smarter.


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