Loading up your washing machine is easy. However, there could be simple mistakes you are making that can damage your appliance. If you need a professional washing machine repair technician in New York City, call the Appliance Doctor team. Here are eight washing machine mistakes you can avoid.

Follow the Appliance Doctor’s Washing Machine Advice 

Leaving zippers undone can snag on the rest of your laundry, ruining other clothing items in your load. They can also scratch the drum and damage your washer. If the zipper scratches on the door of a front loader, the glass panel may even shatter. When sorting your laundry simply zip the tabs to the top. Brassieres can also do damage during the cycle as the metal hooks and underwires could destroy other clothing items or components of your washing machine. You can overcome this by hand washing your brassieres or place them in a mesh bag before adding to your load.

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Make sure you check your pockets before throwing anything into your washer. Coins are a common culprit and can cause a lot of damage while spinning around in your machine. You should also make sure you run a maintenance cycle. Once per month you should set your washer to its highest temperature with a cup of vinegar and run an empty cycle. This will freshen up your machine and aid its performance.

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When you have washed your clothes, you should immediately transfer the load to the dryer or hang it on the line. Leaving wet clothes in your washing machine will cause it to smell and grow mold. You can leave the door open between cycles to help keep it smelling fresh. When you run a cycle you should only use as much detergent as recommended. Using more than you need will cause a buildup of soap residue which can affect the control panel.


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If there has been a lightning strike or other power surge, all of your appliances could be damaged. The added electricity will affect circuits and can melt plastic parts. You can prevent this from happening by having surge protectors installed and getting into the habit of turning off your washer when not in use. If you want to protect your machine from additional wear and tear you should refrain from adding too much laundry. If you pile in too much laundry, your load won’t be clean and the bearings and components have to work harder to function.

There are lots of little things you may be doing that you didn’t know were compromising your washing machine repair nyc. If you have any problems with your washer, the Appliance Doctor can assist all over NYC.