Many people are unaware of the difference between cosmetic and plastic surgery. Though the techniques are so frequently used that their meanings seem to be interchanged. But here we are to introduce you to these terms and choose the most appropriate one, technically as well as surgically. People are more conscious about their looks nowadays. And, we take care of their looks with our latest and modest surgical techniques to help them look adorable.

Though cosmetic and plastic surgeries are closely related techniques yet they are to achieve different goals. Thailand cosmetic surgery is more focused on enhancing the appearance making it more aesthetic than ever. It can be performed on all areas of the body and includes breast enhancement, facial and body contouring, facial and skin rejuvenation including various sub-categories. While plastic surgery is more concerned on repairing the defected parts of the body or reconstructing them. The defects may be due to some burn, trauma, and disease or by birth. It, however, deals more with the reconstruction of a body part or repairing the defected one that can either be breast, hands, lower extremities, face, neck etc.

Well, Lotus Medical Cosmetic Surgery in Thailand is here to provide you the best services abroad with their best care and surgical procedures. We offer three types of procedures for you:

· Surgical Procedure

· Dental Procedure

· Blood Screening

We are all concerned about your health and offering these healthy procedures for your body according to its requirements. The blood screening is as essential to your body every month. It helps you know all about your internal health and our safe surgical procedures will take care of your external looks. The surgical procedures with Lotus Medical are not confined to cosmetic and plastic surgeries only but with the hair transplant, vision correction, dermatology treatments as well. Starting from your hairs to every part of your body, we are all concerned to make you look better with every passing day.

Plastic surgery in Thailand is famous for its latest techniques, equipment, medical procedures, expert surgeons and above all reasonable prices. But we take care of your travel allowances and safe arrival to Thailand too. All you need to do is fill our enquiry form to get in touch with our medical consultants and they will guide you all way through Thailand to our hospitals. They are available 24/7 to question all your queries and help you know all about our procedures, pricing, latest packages, flights, accommodation in Thailand and everything you want to know.

The excellence comes up with a name and services of customer care. We have been serving in cosmetic surgery Thailand and plastic surgery Thailand since, 8 years and we have gained our customer’s confidence just because of our motto to be the best in guidance at a rate you will find nowhere else in Thailand.

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