Free article submission sites are the sites that you use in your content to quote an author, endorse the information or statistical data that you mention or simply to take the user to another website. These links have certain advantages and disadvantages that it is necessary to analyze, to define whether or not it is the type of strategy that we want to use in our content marketing.

Advantages of free article submission links

Optimize the user experience

The main objective of any content marketing strategy is to deliver valuable content to the target audience. If you expand the information that you are delivering, with pieces of excellent quality, you will be optimizing your experience as a user and it is possible that the brand is recorded in your retina.

Greater possibilities of being shared

Well-crafted content, with valuable information and links to sites where it is expanded or validated, is undoubtedly more likely to be shared on social networks. And this does help indirectly to brand recognition and SEO because it is synonymous with quality.

Generate links with industry authorities

By linking to another site, the site can track the link and realize your action; which can naturally lead you to link to your content later. This is an excellent way to generate links with brands that have authority in their blogs and to make that exchange a frequent practice. There are hundreds of services and applications dedicated to SEO, and of course, we have not used them all but a good number of them, so we can save you a lot of time and some money explaining what tools we use and why we use free article submission links.


Some of these tools are free and others are paid, although most of them usually offer limited demos or a trial period. Some links on this page are an affiliate, but we never recommend anything that you do not use personally and is useful. The reality is that almost always someone recommends a payment service on the Internet through an affiliate link. Of course, it is not always so, we recommend many services or products in a disinterested way because they really deserve it, but the truth is that the vast majority of links exist to generate some kind of benefit.

If you end up paying for some tools of this page or any other recommended you are helping the maintenance of the web, and we thank you very much but remember that you should not buy anything that you do not need or can pay.

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