Artistic Yoga: Definition and benefits

Artistic Yoga is the brain child of Himalayan master Bharat Thakur. This is a unique and powerful style to develop and cultivate a beautiful, healthy body. This is an entirely new concept of Yoga designed to energize the body and quieter the mind that makes your Yoga experience even more intense, without tiring or taxing you in any way. With the help of ancient Yoga techniques that include a set of asanas(poses) pranayamas (breathing exercise ) , bandhas(lock ) , Kriyas(cleansing techniques) and partner stretches, together with cardiovascular training, the teacher helps students cultivate core strength and develop inner awareness and peace.

The practice of Yoga East Barnet is designed to work at all levels at the physical levels, where strength, flexibility and endurance are the main goals, to the mental and spiritual levels, where awareness and alertness are developed through meditation techniques. It was primarily designed for laypeople and is suitable for all, regardless of age, size, strength, weight or flexibility levels. However, it has been found that this style particularly suits people with an artistic bend and hence attracts artists of all genres including a horde of writers, painters, musicians and actors. It is a practice of true spirit of yoga. It works on all aspects of fitness-cardiovascular endurance, flexibility, strength and mental health.

It is a well researched, innovative style of Gyms Barnet that helps people deal effectively with acute modern day stress levels, obesity and a lack of energy. It employs a variety of practices to bring about a complete physical and mental transformation. It has innovative techniques to get rid of physical and mental stiffness and enhance core flexibility. Chanting and meditation techniques are also included in the practices, to center and calm the mind.

Benefits of Artistic Yoga:-

· Helps in weight reduction and in stress relief.

· Tones the muscles and sculpts a beautiful body.

· Strengthens the muscles of the back and heals backache.

· Increase immunity and get rid of ailments and illness.

· Increases energy levels through the body.

· Gets rid of energy blocks and helps harmonize the body and mind.

· Gets rid of energy blocks and helps harmonize the body and mind.

The best part is that no prior experience of Yoga is necessary. Even though to some this style may appear rather difficult in the beginning there are those who feel it is impossible to practice all aspects once you get down to doing things, you realize that it is a natural as the functioning of your bodily systems. All said and done, Postnatal Exercise North London is a wonderful option for people looking for a different kind of holistic workout.