The eyebrows are a point of reference that helps to frame the features of the face, so it is important to have them well defined. When we choose saddles, we must keep our eyebrows in mind because they are different in each person and this can have an impact on the aesthetic result of the choice of glasses we make. We cannot forget the shape of our face, to hit: “The shape contrary to our face shape” That is, rounded face, square glasses. If it does not correspond with what is going according to the eyebrows ... it is when there is no choice but to try all the models and let ourselves be advised by our optician. Are you looking for browline glasses?

Normally the eyebrows must conform to the shape of the glasses. If you choose rimless ones, the arch of the eyebrows can be seen over the top edge of the lenses and this can be very attractive to the eye. In case you have eyebrows underpopulated s can opt for wire-rimmed glasses on top. In this way, you define the frame of the face. If you prefer that the eyebrows frame your look, the ideal is that you choose ones that do not overlap and that fit your natural line.

Ø The square frames are great for breaking the balance of the eyebrows that have rounded or curved lines.

Ø In addition, if you have short and rather together you will look great aviator style.

Ø The glasses with curved shapes will soften your eyebrows if you have very populated or rounded.

Ø In addition, with this type of frames, you will get to harmonize the look if you have fallen eyebrows.


Ø The top of the glasses should not be above the line of the eyebrows.

Are you sick of the glasses not fitting well? Discover our glasses adjustment guide for browline prescription glasses! The lower edge of the frame should not rest on the cheeks, so they do not rub or irritate them. The size should go proportion with your face. If you have a small face, you should not choose large glasses. Whether you want to find the perfect goggle width as well as the perfect length, discover our browline glasses frames. The width of the frame should not be wider than the total width of the face measuring from the temples.

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