Best satta matka in 2016

People in India like to play satta matka due to its interesting rules. In that game people can win money without any physical struggle. It was associated with the opening and closing rates of cotton transmitted from the New York cotton Exchange market. Those days it was called as figures gambling. But after some time it was associate with the opening and closing rates of Mumbai Cotton Exchange market. As a result, the Mumbai became the center of that game and it gained importance in whole of India. A number of bookies opened their shops near the Mumbai cotton mills and many mill workers started to play that game. In that game one person will be announced as satta king. He be the owner of whole money.

With the passage of time, the rules of that game were changed and it was associated with any ordinary number. People select their number and all the numbers are written in the small piece of paper. All these tickets are then put into the large earthen ware mostly called as matka. After some time, a random ticket is picked from it and the owner of that ticket is announced as winner and we will win all the amount of game. One can become the satta king with the help of perfect guessing. Perfect guessing is a special art which very few people know. There are number of websites over the network who offer their services related to the matka results in India.

In the year of 1962 Kalyanji Bhagat gave the new concept of that game called as Worli matka. The good thing of Kalyanji Bhagat matka is that it was run for the whole week while the Rattan Khatri ran for just five days in a week i.e. from Monday to Friday. Central Mumbai was the hub of matka business. During the years of 1980s and 1990s matka business was its top. During those days it revenue was Rs 500 crore per month. After that the Mumbai police take special action against that and as a result most of the bookies left Mumbai and shifted to other parts of Country. Due to which that game spread to Gujrat, Rajasthan and other states.