Playing satta matka is a great fun and it is a source of enjoyment and earning money. Due to advancement in internet technology and social media, online satta matka is gaining importance rapidly. People are playing at home and become satta king, lot of websites offer matka chart to play the game. Many experts of that game are offering their services. Mumbai is the hub of that game and it is also played in its connected areas.

In the early days of that game, it was connected with the opening and closing rates of Mumbai cotton exchange market, due to which many mill workers opened their shops in that area and people love to play that game. Suddenly Mumbai police take severe action on that thing and declared it as unofficial, due to which the future of that game was about to finish. In those days a new idea of that game came into being and it was declaring a random number. So that idea was too much appreciated by the people and the rules of that game were declared. Which includes writing the numbers on small piece of paper and adding them in the large earthen pot.

The participants of that game select their respective numbers and finally one number is picked randomly and the owner of that number is declared as winner and he became the owner of whole money. Satta matka tips plays a vital role in becoming the satta king. Many people have knowledge that, how to win that game. On some websites experts offer matka tips to become winner. These tips must be followed before playing the game because there are equal chance to lose or win the game.