You can sketch a first definition of the name plastic surgery taking into account the terms: work, work, hands, shape, and shape. The plastic surgery would be a practical intervention or operation performed with hands to form or shape the body. It is a work done with hands that have the characteristic of modeling, giving shape. Opt for plastic surgery in Thailand to renew yourself.

The Plastic Surgery, as mentioned above, is a medical specialty that encompasses reconstructive surgery and cosmetic procedures of the face and body. For this reason, Plastic Surgery includes both reconstructive-restorative surgery and cosmetic surgery, being able to call the first reconstructive plastic surgery (Reconstructive plastic surgery in English) and the second cosmetic plastic surgery in English, this last popularly known as cosmetic surgery.

Cosmetic surgery Thailand:

What can be perceived through the senses; relative to the beautiful or artistic), is a subspecialty of plastic surgery or reconstructive plastic surgery, dedicated to improving the appearance of people or bring it closer to a certain aesthetic ideal. Unlike the procedures of reconstructive surgery, cosmetic surgery in addition to being an elective surgery (that people can voluntarily decide to practice or not for a matter of embellishment, of desire and not of health), acts on parts of the body in a normal state to make them look better. For its part, reconstructive surgery works on abnormal parts of the body, that is, malformed, damaged by accidents, illnesses, etc., to rebuild and repair them, giving them or returning their normal functioning and appearance.

Cosmetic surgery is one of the subspecialties of plastic surgery. Plastic surgery is a specialty of medicine that includes cosmetic surgery. Plastic surgery is reconstructive and restorative, but all plastic surgery can also be considered aesthetic since in addition to correcting the functional, and repair and reconstruct abnormal forms, takes into account the aesthetic aspect trying (to repair), achieve forms that be pleasing to the eye (aesthetic forms). Cosmetic surgery, as a subspecialty of plastic surgery, has the exclusive purpose of improving the appearance of healthy people. For more details click

Plastic surgery starts from abnormal structures, altered or damaged in its form and/or function by accidents, diseases, genetic malformations, etc. Cosmetic surgery starts from normal structures in healthy people and is sought by these with the purpose of improving the appearance and self-esteem in some cases. Reconstructive plastic surgery may not be sought or chosen voluntarily, for example, when there is an accident, trauma, burns, a disease or malformation with the possibility of serious impediments or deficits in various areas. If you are looking for the Thailand cosmetic surgery, get it done spontaneously.