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Different Types of Hair Transplant Treatments in Lahore

Losing hairs from the scalp is not less than depression for some of the people. It is a major concern for some patients and therefore, they opt for hair transplant treatments to get a regular regrowth of hairs on natural terms. But it is not just the scalp which can cause a hair loss issue. An individual can face hair loss from different other parts of the body other than the scalp.

Trauma, natural aging, and disease processes are some of the common causes due to which the arrival of hair loss is quite a lot common on your eyebrows, face, eyelashes, or different parts of your body. Getting in touch with any professional and trustworthy hair transplant clinic in Lahore can guide you better about all such aspects.


In the hair transplant treatment, any hair can be transplanted to any other part of a human body by extracting it from any part of the body. Patients should always remember that the transplanted hair will be accountable to maintain the characteristics which it had come across before the transplant. In this way, the hair will regrow according to the same cycle; same color, and even in the same texture. Right here we would like to mention that hair on various parts of the body will have different growth cycles. This means that eyebrow hair growth will take a long time as compared to eyelash hair growth.

Apart from hair transplant treatment, there are different types of hair transplant procedures that you can conduct for new hair growth. Below we are mentioning a few major for you:

Eyebrow Transplants

This has been probably the most common hair loss treatment in Lahore. Donor hair for the eyebrow transplant is normally extracted from the scalp area. A surgeon needs to take a large density of hair for performing eyebrow transplants and giving it a natural look at the end of the day. Placement is the main key and requires a complete irregular pattern of hairs for getting a natural look.


Eyelash Transplants

Next, we have eyelash transplants! This is one of the most intricate procedures to perform in terms of quality and achieving final results. Its survival rate is quite less so before you make a decision to go through the eyelash transplant, make sure you have a body capacity to go through all the treatments of transplant. Donor hair is taken from the scalp area.


Facial Hair Transplants

In the facial hair transplant, normally beard and mustache replacement is performed. The donor site is the main scalp area in which either strip-donor excision or FUE treatment is performed. The overall pattern for the placement of facial hairs needs to be regularly irregularly. Due to the larger area being transplanted, sometimes a huge number of grafts are needed.


Body Hair Transplants

Lastly, we have body hair transplants! In this transplant treatment, chest hair or even public hair can be easily replaced with the help of hair restoration procedures. The donor site is the main scalp area and grooming is important to produce the required natural results. For performing this treatment, you need to know about this hair transplant cost in Lahore.


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