The advantage of Fue hair transplant Pakistan over other alternative treatments is that it is permanent, undetectable and most importantly, it is a natural solution to hair loss. The principle is the redistribution of hair to an area of the scalp that is losing it (receiving area) from a safe area (donor area). Once the new hair is repositioned, it will continue to behave as if it were in its original location.

Two techniques are currently known, the “strip” technique and the FUE technique, including the FUE extraction of body hair. The biggest difference between FUE and the technique of the “strip” is the method of extracting the follicular units from the donor area. In some cases, these two procedures can be combined to maximize the area of donor area and give the patient as much hair as possible.

The term “mega session” has increasingly become more common in both the FUE technique and “strip”, and can be considered as a massive movement of hair in a single session. Now, we are aware that there is a very fine line between speed and quality, and not always both concepts go together.

The FUE technique requires great dedication on the part of the doctor since it is he who must carry out a large part of the process, such as the puncture of each and every one of the follicles, as well as the incisions in the receiving area, while the technicians / as they place the follicles. If this is the case and constant high growth is expected, it depends to a great extent on the surgeon. Operations by “strip” are based more on a team effort,

Latest technology

Hair surgery has evolved a lot since anti-natural results were obtained in the past. Currently, the extraction of the UFs allows obtaining a result that is visually equal to the natural one. A large part of hair transplant Pakistan result is not only due to the medical ability of the surgeon, but also that it falls on the doctor’s artistic ability when designing, and this has above all a great importance in the placement of the UFs in the first line of hair.


Each patient must be treated individually and that creativity is an important factor when it comes to obtaining a positive aesthetic result. In some way, the recreation of a hair-covered head can be considered a work of art, and art does not have to be innovative to be good, but it has to be natural.

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