We offer our clients the installation of self-supporting roofs and ceilings in Dublin. We want to express our interest in following up on your concerns, quotes, and appointments, remember that we offer an excellent and modern alternative in the construction world. We have the best system on the market, as it offers many advantages over other traditional building systems, such as air tightness, durability in materials used and optimization of spaces.

Get the best quality of Flat roofs Dublin! See what’s more for you;

· It can be installed on low slope roofs, up to 2% minimum.

· Because of its concealed fastening system, it does not require drilling the sheet.

· The sealing system ensures excellent waterproofing.

· Additional insulating materials may be applied to make a sandwich type system which makes it airtight and acoustic to this system.

· High resistance to moisture, corrosion, and environment

· Light weight structures that do not affect mechanical strength

· No overlaps required.

Our product, due to its nature, is a guarantee against moisture and buckling. Thanks to our experience, we have been perfecting the process, using the best practices of the industry in the installation of ceilings in ceilings of buildings as varied as public buildings, hotels, resorts, casinos, commercial plazas, etc.


We manufacture under the customer’s design, for this reason, we make the greatest effort to bring to reality what you want to install on site. Material samples of the pieces are delivered, on request, to have a comparative parameter between their design and reality, as well as between what is quoted and what is delivered.

Not only are these but if you looking for fiberglass roofs Dublin. Then you are the right place. Fiberglass is a great material to produce ceiling panels, as you can make several designs and reproduce them faithfully, with the shape, texture, and color desired by the customer. They are light, insulated from noise and heat, as well as reflecting light well if this is the intention. Our product has the most extensive warranty on the market, which is however short compared to the average lifespan of our parts because in a good condition are perpetuated over time with very low maintenance and little color distortion or shape.

Reduce your execution times with fiberglass panels that can replicate complex shapes and expensive materials at a fraction of the cost. The execution time of the work will surprise you, including the one used for the generation of the models of the pieces and their molds, which can take some variations to not be repetitive, if its design requires it. Fiberglass roofs Dublin services along with roofing Dublin is what we work over efficiently!