You might be looking for the best hair transplant in your city but may get confused with the posters on every other corner of the streets claiming to be one of the best in the whole city. But who knows what it turns out to be. So, our opinion in this regard is to follow up the name where quality meets perfection. Hair transplant and cosmetic surgery is a highly technical and sensitive surgery that needs a lot of care and attention from every member of the team whether a nurse or a surgeon. It is just not like other surgeries but needs proper guideline before-hand.

Hair loss is one of the leading problems of our generation and every third person is suffering from it whether male or female. But don’t you worry as the advancement of technology has immensely occupied over this problem unless the hair loss is permanent. Patchy alopecia is a condition in which hairs regrow itself after a year or so without even any treatment. Just like this, there are many other terms you may be unaware of and might be a victim of that. We are here not only to treat you but to make you aware of your ongoing problem.

Hair loss may be caused by an underlying disease which stimulates your immune system to attack its follicles and in this way hair growth stops. In this case, your doctor may prescribe you some medicine such as prednisone to reverse the effects of the immune system. The other most effective treatment of hair loss is hair transplant, though an invasive procedure. In this method, your surgeon will take hair follicles consisting of 1-4 hairs from a healthy donor or part of your head with hairs and will transplant it on the front of your head. The procedure is long and may take many sessions with your surgeon but once complete you will see the change and going to love it.

FUE hair transplant technique is one of the most advanced techniques that includes no stitches and cuts and reduce the risk factors to a minimum level. It can help you regrow your hairs in any part of the body such as mustaches, beard, eyebrows etc. and will amaze you with its incredible results. So, don’t confuse yourself with various names, in fact, look for the quality. We have a crew of expert surgeons who are committed and a whole team of dedicated staff to provide you the best hair transplant treatment in Lahore at an affordable range.

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