The Lifting is an operation of aesthetic surgery with which it is intended to erase the signs that the passage of time leaves on the face, this technique is performed as a complete intervention in which the patient’s face is addressed as a whole to gain naturalness. That is, it includes, if necessary, the treatment of the forehead, face, neck, and gaze.

What is the facelift?

The lifting is an intervention in which the deep facial tissues that have been lowered over time are repositioned. To achieve this, the following steps are followed:

Ø The sagging of the tissues and facial muscles is corrected, which is the main cause of facial aging.

Ø When there is a loss of facial volume, fat grafts are used in the areas that require it (mainly: cheekbones, facial furrows and chin), as with age the atrophy of the facial fat occurs.

Ø Finally, the skin is repositioned without tension on the tissues already relocated, avoiding “spurts” that generate an artificial and inanimate appearance.

The decision to perform facelift can depend on multiple reasons, either because he suffered some physical damage due to an accident, because there was some malformation or because they want to adjust some stereotype of beauty to feel good about them. Although each one decides which is the aesthetic procedure that should be performed, the Aesthetic and Reconstructive Plastic Surgery warns that who has the obligation to offer a professional service with responsibility and ethics is the plastic surgeon, who must also warn people about the risks that these practices have.


In short, it is a surgery to restore volume and deep tissues on which the skin is adapted, and not a skin surgery that stretches to make wrinkles disappear. This technique, which he learned together with a national reference in the matter, stands out because it leaves a minimal scar placed on the hair root and inner edge of the ear, which makes it go unnoticed. The aesthetic retouching to look better has its risks and costs. We tell you which are the main surgeries that are practiced by men and women, and how much you have to save to get any.

The prices, values or costs of facelift Thailand vary depending on the prestige of the plastic surgeon, the medical center, the infrastructure where the surgery is practiced and its extension. So this means that the facelift Thailand cost depends on every person!