How to Use the Power of Direct Response Copywriting to Skyrocket Your Profits?

If you are a small business owner -or entrepreneur of any kind- ESPECIALLY if you are doing business online, then you really need to get hip to what truly great Direct Response Copywriting can do for your business. Basically in the world of advertising there are two different kinds of marketing mindsets. The first is what is known as “brand advertising” which is what for the most part you see on television and in major print ad campaigns. The thought behind “brand advertising” is that over time by the consumer constantly hearing the brand name of the parent company or individual product being sold that the name or image or slogan that is consistently being heard will be hard wired into the subconscious mind of the target audience.

This is why when you to a grocery store and you see a soda display that has three different brands… let’s say Coke, Pepsi and a lesser known company (maybe an in-house brand) 90% or more people will automatically pick one of the two major brands even though the in-house brand is much cheaper and guess what? They probably have the exact same ingredients… mostly sugar, water and some caramel flavoring.

You are “hard wired” to gravitate naturally to what you are familiar with as in nature familiarity is associated with safety. If you have tried something before and it is socially accepted as being what the majority of society would pick than you internally recognize it as being the safer choice as opposed to something you have never tried or even heard of before. So there’s no doubt that “brand advertising” works over time… BUT it takes LOTS of time and LOTS of money which are two things most small business owners just don’t have enough of. For most entrepreneurs the ONLY real choice for an advertising and marketing strategy –one that is almost GUARANTEED to help them make maximum money in minimum time with less work, less risk and less financial investment- is to tap into the power of Direct Response Advertising by hiring a Freelance Direct Response Copywriter such as myself.

Now, what exactly will a Freelance Direct Response Copywriter do for you?

My main job is NOT to write your advertising copy. That might come as a surprise to you but the truth is my MAIN job is to be what legendary copywriter and marketing genius John Carlton calls being a “Sales Detective”. What that means is that I spend the majority of the time I am working on your project not on the actual writing but in the most important part of ANY advertising or marketing campaign and that’s in the research. I will spend at least a day or two (sometimes more) finding out everything I can about your product, the ideas behind it, about the person who created it and even more importantly about your ideal prospect that we will be marketing to.


It is VITAL to the success of your advertising and marketing that we know as much humanly possible about your prospect including their biggest WANTS, NEEDS, FEARS and DESIRES… particularly we want to laser-focus on what keeps him or her up at night. On what they are obsessing over… as Robert Collier said “We need to join the conversation that is ALREADY going in in our prospect’s mind”. You do this by directly addressing in the sales copy and hitting hard all of the “Emotional Hot Buttons” that will speak to the prospect…cut through any natural sales resistance and show to them the sweet rewards or relief that your product or service will provide for their life.

We want to address their problems, show real empathy with them and then focus on painting a vivid picture of how much better their life will be after they experience the profound change that your product or service will cause in their life. After all of the research has been done and I have really focused in on what the BIGGEST want, need, problem or desire is that we feel together that your product or service will be able to fulfill for the prospect I then decide on a theme for the sales message, create an outline and start the process of writing and re-writing your sales message until it has been perfected into something that will hook your prospect’s attention, entice them to read every word of the sales copy and ultimately persuade them to buy your product or service right then and there!

If there are any doubts left in your prospect’s mind we use an unbeatable guarantee of some sort or throw an impressive bonus in for them that will “knock them off the fence” and get them to make the decision to buy without any additional hesitation. This is what the power of direct response copywriting will do for your business… it gives you a weapon to cut through all of the clutter and useless information that your prospect has to experience every day of their life in our modern world and focuses their full attention on how your product or service can satisfy whatever pressing want, need or desire that is the forefront of their mind and then gets the sale for you in a way that doesn’t “push” but “seduces” the prospect into happily buying what you are offering them.


If you would like to speak in depth about your product or service and how my copywriting can help you achieve all of your goals than please contact me through my web site


Robert Sean Pascoe