Online satta matka tips in India

In India people like to play a special game known as Satta matka. The good and most important thing in that game there is 100% chance to win or lose. That game is the best option for such kind of people who did not have any kind of source of income. Such people can invest a little amount and in the end with the tricks of perfect guessing they could become winner of whole game. The winner of that game is called as Satta king.

For a long time that game is played all over the India especially in Mumbai. That game was associated with the opening and closing rates of New York cotton exchange market. It was played in whole of the sub-continent before partition. After that the game was associated with the Mumbai exchange market and many people got connected with it. People love to play that game.

With the passage of time the rules of that game were changed and the ordinary number was used to decide the winner of that game. In that game people select their own numbers and the numbers were written in a small piece of paper. All the papers are then put in the large earthen pot and after that one chit is picked randomly from the earthen ware. The owner of that number will be declared as the winner of that game and he will become the owner of whole money. In that game any person can become the matka king with the help of perfect guessing.

Mumbai was the main point of that game after that Mumbai police took the action against all the bookies. In India now it is illegal to play that game. Due to which the bookies move to other parts of the country especially in the Rajasthan area to keep the game live. Now that game is spread all over the India and it is played all over the country. There are many online websites which provide satta matka tips and also help to play that game at home.