Satta Matka in your city.

In other words it can be said that satta is a just a lottery game. Firstly that game was associated with the opening and closing rates of cotton. This was mostly transmitted from New York (a name of American City). That game was very common before the Indian Independence with the name of Ankada Jugar. Generating random number is the focus of that game and that owner of that number is the winner of that game.

At that time the game is associated with a matka . It was 1962 when the revolution came into that field. And the Kalyanji Bhagat began the worli matka, which was very common among people those days. In 1964 the proper rules of the game were described and those days that game was played for the whole week. While some kinds of that game were played for just five days in a week. After that the Mumbai became the center of that game because of the presence of the cotton mills. Many mill workers were interested with that game due to which the many bookies opened near the textile mills. Due to that thing the central Mumbai became famous for that game and it became the head of satta.

It can be confidently said that the decades of 80’s and 90’s was the peak years of Satta Matka. In that game the tokens were put in the matka and many different people were associated with those tokens. After that at some fixed day and fixed time a random token is picked from the matka. The owner of that token will be the winner of that game. According to a survey almost betting volumes of Rs 500 crore would be laid in a month. In the decade of 1990 the police take action against that game and expel all the people associated with that game from Mumbai city. After that it was shifted in other cities of India like Gujarat, Rajasthan etc. In that era peole also take interest in other ways of satta like rich people began to explore betting on cricket matches.

Up till 1995 almost there were about 2000 big and medium type bookies in the city and other tows associated with that town . But then the amount declined and just remained 300 and monthly turnover remained around Rs 100 crore. The king of matka i.e. Kalyanji Bhagat was a farmer and born in a small village. He initially did odd works like masal ferriwala and other works like that. In the 60’s he started work of matka gambling.