If you think dying is the only way to stop aging, think again!! Yes maybe that is the only way to stop aging chronologically but, it is not the only way to stop ageing physically. Chronological age is just a number, it’s just a way of keeping track of time, but it isn’t the deciding factor of how old you feel or act. (We definitely know it’s not the deciding factor of how some people... act lol).
I don’t feel any older than I did 10 years ago, I am actually physically younger then I was then due to the use of best vitamins & supplements. But in order to slow down this physical aging it does take effort and for many it will require lifestyle changes.
Exercise is imperative, if you don’t use your muscles you will lose strength in them which makes every day activities more difficult with every passing year and aging begins!! Tasks such as getting up off the floor, getting up from a chair, or walking the stairs all become more difficult. All activities we take for granted when we are physically young now become a challenge. Those actions don’t become difficult because the calendar says we are another year older, they become more difficult because we didn’t maintain those muscles necessary to perform those tasks.
Coordination is also lost as we age chronologically. This skill is also something that must be worked on in order to maintain. It is not uncommon for people to fall more often as they age. Falling is not something that happens just because your birth certificate says you are older, it happens because these skill were no longer preformed and people tend to become more sedentary with age. Coordination is also something that can be maintained and developed through exercise.
I think it is amazing that we have some control over how quickly we age. It is a commitment and it is lifestyle change but I don’t think anyone would ever complain about feeling younger. I do get clients who complain about coming to exercise, but I do not have clients who complain when they are leaving. Everyone always feels great that they did it, and most are chronologically younger then when they started and you can be too.

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