Tattoo-inspired Clothing in Today’s Fashion Industry

We can say that tattoo is the sub-culture which belongs to the fashion. The design of tattoo is various and means something special which the owner respects, since it is printed permanently in his or her body. With the cool and beautiful designs which tattoo inspire clothing designers make, it is also possible to have them printed in different media but skins. Talking about designs, tattoo is believed as a certain kind of expression in characteristics. Indeed, in this era on which gender is pretty much equal, we cannot really judge the preference of each person. Are you interested in tattoo-inspired clothing? Then you might find the stuffs below interesting!

Women Tattoo-inspired Clothing

Having more various kinds of clothes, options for alternative clothing are also a lot for women. Starting from T-shirts, jackets, and dresses, women can get such designs printed on these pieces of clothing. The most favorite part of it is dresses. This kind of cloth is usually identical with feminine characteristic with soft colors just like what those princesses have. But with this kind of design, women might find such design dresses very unique yet still pretty! Brief quotes, roses or flowers, and skulls will become the motives or the design which they like to have. So, if women loves that beautiful design but don’t wish to have it printed on their skin, it is always possible to get them in another form. Anyway, these kinds of outfits match the inked women also by all means. Besides, these tattoo designs gives greater look for their outfits compared to a plain kinds. Most tattoo-inspired clothing lovers are youngsters.

Men Tattoo-inspired Clothing

In terms of design, outfits for men that use the designs from tattoo inspire clothing are limited to (mostly) T-shirt and Jackets. Same way as women, skulls, brief quotes, weapons and many more which are more “manly” are the designs that you can find in men clothing. Fashion industries do not limit the color base for these designs. However, the most matching color base is black. It is because tattoo is considered as punk or emo sub-culture which is identical with dark colors. Even for famous rock stars, tattoo-inspired T-shirts are what they like to wear on stage. Of course this will affect their fans and the society; allowing tattoo-inspired T-shirts as the most favorite top wear. Even now we can also find a lot of T-shirts for baby and children which have tattoo designs.