Tips for actors and singers auditions in California

Acting and singing is not an easy task. Worldwide huge amount of people want to be a good singer or actor and lots of people come for music auditions in California . California is the biggest and main state where every year lots of auditions held for singing and acting. There are lots of people in the world who are very talented and skilled but they are not getting chance in acting and singing but they are not losing their hopes. Auditions are important and vital to getting an acting role or a singing job. You have to keep in mind that it may take dozens even hundreds of auditions earlier you land the first character. The additional music auditions you go to, the well your chances of landing a role in a show, movie or commercial. You can never distinguish which auditions will bring you achievement; thus, you must appear for all tryouts. Always remain positive and optimistic & take benefit of each chance, particularly in front of main and key entertainment networks.

Some Tips For Audition:

1. Always identify the part or character you are auditioning for. Make sure you have the features & talents obligatory for the role.

2. Arrive 30 minutes before to the audition time; this will provide you time to check-in, warm up, & check out your race.

3. You have to bring yourself at least two portfolio picture and resumes. Specialized headshots & acting portfolios are a plus. Pictures should reproduce your current physical similarity and should always be updated!

4. DO NOT chew gum (all directors and producers hate it). It makes it firmer to know when you are talking or role playing.


5. When joining callbacks, always wear the similar dress you wore at the initial audition. Try to do all as you did the first time because it functioned!

6. You have to be confident, smile, always have an optimistic and positive attitude.

7. Act excited and eager regarding everything you are requested to do.

Audition Tips For Actors In California

1. Be ready for improvisation and managing.

2. Different speech tones & accents are a plus.

3. Arrange a dramatic & comedic monologue no more than 2 minutes in length.

4. Please ask & note if the tryouts are going to provide sides.

Auditions Tips For Singers In California

1. Bring 2 selections of sheet music in readable condition; one up-tempo & one ballad.


2. Be ready to sing the best and finest 16 bars.

3. You have to know your vocal range.

4. Your sheet music should have complete musical representation in the key in which you will do.


5. You have to dress always properly, particularly if the audition needs movement in a dance routine.

These are very important and essential tips for singers and actors auditions in California. If you will follow these tips people so, surely you will get a good chance in acting and singing. These tips will be helpful for actors and singers auditions in California.

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