When a student plans to start his journey on the path of research, there are many questions that arise. Therefore, this book, very rigorous and complete, can be considered a manual in terms of the issues that should be addressed and resolved by any researcher before preparing your doctoral thesis.

Traditional PhD Proposal has evolved due to the demands of the labour market, both academic and business. That is why there are currently two types of doctoral programs, the one that forms to make an academic career and the one that prepares those who wish to apply scientific rigour in their managerial positions in companies. Although both types of programs have a different employment destination, scientific rigour should be the common thread in the training of their students. Therefore, it depends on the type of program chosen by them, so that their work activity is the university or the company.

The growing recognition of higher education to increase the competitiveness of countries has led to the need for universities to improve the quality of their teaching. Therefore, this publication, within the literature dedicated to training researchers, is original in its approach and development because it addresses each and every step to follow to make a doctoral thesis to its completion that is the publication.

The PhD Research Proposal whose content is analyzed today is the result of years of experience in the supervision of doctoral theses. In each chapter, it is approached in a detailed way but without unnecessary prolixity all the steps that have to be followed to elaborate doctoral works with quality, efficiency and with success for its defense and publication. Real examples that reinforce and illustrate the content of each section are also included. It is a rigorous guide whose content faithfully responds to the title of the book, neither more nor less. In short, a degree whose reading is essential for doctoral students willing to face the research task with rigour and efficiency.

Answer: The objective has been modest since it has been tried to order the contributions of the diverse colleagues who have also elaborated guides to write a doctoral thesis. Although there have been two purposes. The first one, integrate in a coordinated way the basic tasks that the doctoral student must develop, from the preparation of his doctoral proposal to its publication as a scientific article. The second is to be a support to the thesis directors or by the PhD Proposal Writing Service UK, by helping the student to better focus his doctoral work and move forward more quickly.